By Hundter Biede

I Am Pro-Sadness

Why Sadness is a Part of Life

Imagine a future in which every person on earth has a device where they can press a button to release hormones into their brain to make them instantly happy. Over time, these become insufficient to make anyone happy as the population begins to adjust to this new norm, but they can’t quit because now normal life feels like depression. This leaves everyone in a constant state of drugged up mediocre feelings.

Happiness is all relative. In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie is elated to be given a chocolate bar, but Veruca Salt is never satiated by any of the gifts she demands. Happiness is relative to the baseline we have for ourselves. This baseline can move over time as our life improves or worsens, but happiness is always based on that. This is sometimes why you hear the phrase “I am the sky, not the weather.”

In general, being sad is not an enjoyable state, but it is a necessary one. As we ride the roller coaster of life, there would be no amazing free falls without valleys to climb out of. So, just take time to enjoy both parts of the ride.