Hundter Biede

Software Engineer

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Software Engineer DMSi


  • Architected complex reusable components for the shared design system to provide a consistent feel during advanced user interactions across the suite of four mobile applications.
  • Administered thousands of code reviews, proposing algorithmic alternatives to improve app performance.
  • Engineered two app modules in React Native to allow warehouse workers to quickly handle shipments.
  • Spearheaded TypeScript conversion for multiple packages and apps.
  • Conducted workshops on TypeScript, Git, and Testing for Accessibility to 50+ engineers in internal trainings.
  • Communicated with 10+ team members during Agile meetings to inform product decisions about technical requirements, restrictions, and UI/UX flows, improving overall software solutions.
  • Deployed 9 composite GitHub Actions and provided training to developers on best-practices.

Years: 2020-Present